Create a QR for the cart with products

Products automatically get added to the cart, easy one-click checkout.


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Creating a QR code that adds products to a customer's cart automatically makes shopping super easy and fast. Here's why it's great:

  • Skip the Hassle: No more searching and clicking. Just scan the QR code, and the product is in your cart.
  • Buy Faster: It's like a shortcut for buying. You don't need to go through lots of steps.
  • Get Deals Quickly: If there's a sale or special offer, the QR code can take you straight there.
  • Less Frustration: No more typing or finding the right page. Just scan, and you're done.
  • Shop Anywhere: You can do it in a store or online. It's all about making shopping easier.
  • No Confusion: If you're not sure what to buy, QR codes can help you decide.
  • No Abandoned Carts: Because it's so quick, you're less likely to change your mind and leave stuff in your cart.
  • Special Events: QR codes can lead you to special products or offers during sales or events.
  • No Need to Remember: Don't worry about remembering product names. Just scan and go.

It's Like Magic: Scan, and your cart gets filled. It's like shopping magic.

You can follow these steps to create a QR code for the cart.

Step 1: Go to Dynamic QR Codes

Step 2: Click on Create a QR Code

Step 3: Fill in the title and select the type

Step 4: Click on Select cart items

Step 5: Select the desired product variants

Add as many products in the cart, this saves a lot of time for your customer. 

Step 6: (optional) Add a discount code

Though adding a discount code is optional, we recommend adding it to increase the chances of conversion.

You can also choose the behavior of the cart.

  1. Add to cart - Just add the products to the cart and let the user manage it.
  2. Redirect to checkout - Take the user directly to the checkout page with all the items, all they have to do is fill in their shipping details and make the payment.

Step 7: Click on Save & Download QR Code

That's all! Feel free to submit a ticket if you are facing any issues or need further help.

Hope you like using our app and we would really appreciate it if you could leave a review for the app.

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