What is UTM tracking?


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Super QR Codes 🚀, the dedicated QR code generation app for Shopify merchants, offers the capability to integrate UTM tracking into QR codes. UTM tracking provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by appending UTM parameters to URLs. This document serves as a guide for utilizing UTM tracking with Super QR Codes to enhance marketing analysis and gain deeper insights into campaign performance.

What is UTM Tracking?

UTM tracking is a method of appending specific parameters, called UTM parameters, to URLs. These parameters allow marketers to track and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns. The main UTM parameters include:

  1. UTM Source 📣: Identifies the source of traffic, such as a website or platform.
  2. UTM Medium 🌐: Specifies the marketing medium, such as email, social media, or CPC.
  3. UTM Campaign 🚀: Represents the specific marketing campaign or promotion.

Generating UTM-Enabled QR Codes with Super QR Codes

Super QR Codes offers a simple and efficient way to generate UTM-enabled QR codes for various marketing purposes. Follow these steps to generate QR codes with UTM tracking:

  1. Install and set up the Super QR Codes app 📲 within your Shopify store.
  2. Create your QR Code using the appropriate UTM parameters, such as UTM source, medium, and campaign.
  3. Customize the design, color, and size of the QR code to match your branding preferences.
  4. Download and use the generated QR code in your marketing materials, such as print ads, product packaging, or promotional materials.

Analyzing UTM Tracking Data

Analyzing UTM tracking data allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Here's how you can effectively analyze UTM data:

Goal Setting: Define specific goals based on your marketing objectives, such as increasing website traffic or improving conversion rates.

  • Metrics Measurement: Choose relevant metrics to track, such as traffic volume, conversion rate, revenue/ROI, bounce rate, and goal completions.
  • Web Analytics Tools: Utilize web analytics tools like Google Analytics to analyze UTM data and track the performance of UTM sources, mediums, and campaigns.
  • Segmentation and Comparison: Segment your UTM data to gain deeper insights. Compare the performance across different traffic sources and marketing mediums to identify top-performing channels.
  • Data Visualization: Present your UTM tracking data in a visually understandable format using charts, graphs, and dashboards to identify patterns and communicate insights effectively.

Benefits of UTM Tracking with Super QR Codes

Integrating UTM tracking with Super QR Codes offers several benefits:

  1. Improved Campaign Tracking: UTM tracking enables accurate tracking of the performance of QR code campaigns, both online and offline.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: UTM tracking data empowers merchants to make data-driven marketing decisions, optimize campaigns, and allocate resources effectively.
  3. Enhanced ROI and Customer Engagement: UTM tracking helps identify high-performing marketing channels, improve conversion rates, and enhance overall return on investment (ROI) and customer engagement.

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